Juba over a dozen time has faced fuel shortage and it always takes a severe toll on the nation’s economy. Scenes of long queues of motorists at petrol stations are perfect indicator of when fuel crisis hits Juba.

As many of you might wonder why Juba’s fuel problems are endless to a point where sometime car owners give up on the hunt for fuel actually and using their cars.

Well Hot in Juba recently took up the task to investigate the cause of fuel shortage in Juba and found some disturbing facts about the persisting causes of fuel crisis in the country.

HIJ investigative team, interviewed number of Somali fuel suppliers in juba and discovered the current acting director of sales, distribution and marketing at the downstream department of Nilepet, Jok Paulino Nyok is the problem why fuel crisis presists in Juba and other major towns in the country.

Mr. Jok is labelled as corrupt and delays delivery of fuel to petrol stations, causing shortage of fuel supply as the demand increases.

The acting director always says “no petrol stations get a truck of fuel unless you pay a commission of 30,000 SSP per truck to him.

Jok became the new acting director at sales, distribution and marketing at downstream, Nilepet, after the former director of sales and marketing, Chiek Reech Athooc was transferred to another department within the corporation.

“Everybody is not happy with the rate of corruption at the acting director’s office which has led to the  scarcity of fuel in the market”, said Ahmed, a supplier with a chain of petrol stations in Juba.

It has been rumored that Mr. Jok still dictates on legitimate papers approved by the Director General Bol Ring for fuel distribution to the petrol stations.

Ahmed, a Somali fuel dealer says that the way Jok does things is not different from “Do me, I do you” motto of doing business, exposing the degree of his greed and corruption.

During the recent investigations by security organs, reported on SSTV in June, Jok was accused of diverting petrol to an illegal depot in Luri, where he stores petrol to sell in black market.

Our sources said “Jok is not qualified to be the head of sales, marketing and distribution at downstream department, since he know nothing about sales as he is a historian by proffesion”

“Mr. Jok was a assistant lecturer at Upper Nile University and doesn’t have qualification to be at sales, distribution and marketing of any institution because he is just a teacher with no knowledge of business”, said unhappy source.