“To fake STA Award I got international sound and to Eye Radio…I did work very hard this year with my colleague not just sitting on cheap plastic chair. You broke ass people remove my name from this fake award STA”

“You can hate me but you are nothing to me…I see you as mosquito who don’t deserve to be in my friends list. I am hits maker Mary Boyoi my loser. I made my name with money as Mary Boyoi

These and more are some of the superbia comments Mary Boyoi has been throwing at event organizers for 2 different music awards this year.

Mary has been over her head ever since declaring that she is the “richest” musician in South Sudan. She has over the year not taken lightly anything that may seem to not acknowledge her “riches.”

This jactitation is beginning to offend some members of the public. Some have begun to speculate on where exactly Mary Boyoi gets her “wealth” from.

Mary currently works for a company in Juba. She doesn’t own any publicly known business, her music is not a public taste, but is able to make as much money than any artist or lady in Juba. She however is a beneficiary of Vivacell Caller-Tune, where she gets monthly income from people who have subscribed to her songs as ringtones.

Ahmed Lotole has discovered 3 theories from those who contacted him.


Those who contacted Lotole from Nairobi believe that Mary who was married to a white guy with whom they have 2 sons has always been the source of her income. They believe it is the kawaja dude who introduced Mary to music.

However, Mary Boyoi’s first album was sponsored by Sudan Radio Service, currently, Eye Radio.

When Mary moved to Juba about 8 years ago, she managed to sideline the kawaja, and he is never seen or mentioned in any of her events. But this group of people still believes he sends her money while taking care of the children in Nairobi.


This is probably one of the most curious theory. A group of people in Juba believes that actually Mary is a concubine to one SPLA general in Bilpam. They believe that the general who is also married to other women and has grown up children was able to find Mary a land in Khor William area, and funded the construction of her lavish house last year.

The group sited recent trip to entertain Ugandan Forces leaving Bor; they claim that Mary used her relationship with the general in order to allow her to perform for the departing UPDF. That’s why out of all popular and great artists in the country known to the SPLA, Mary Boyoi was chosen.

The Juba group believes it is this constant gifts and money from the general that is making Mary blow her own trumpets and undermines anyone or company on her path.

Despite the current economic hardship that everyone and business is facing, Mary is still able to live a lavish life, eat in big hotels and keep her shine on. The speculators in Juba think, it is our beloved general keeping it that way for her.


Then there is this group in Kampala who believes that Mary is actually a girlfriend to one youthful business South Sudanese tycoon from Warrap state.

They claim that before Mary could move to her new house, the young man had been paying for her accommodation in one of the biggest hotel in Juba. Most of the pictures posted by Ms. Boyoi from last year can confirm her happy life in a hotel room in Juba.

But over the past few months, the young man has kept his distance over the fact that business is not going well…probably because the general has “captured” his territory as well.


Well, ofcourse this is an insignificant theory from the boys in Kampala against Mary Boyoi. So we are going to ignore this point since it has no scientific or religious substance.

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These allegations can only be confirmed or denied by Mary Boyoi who has of recent been disregarding any conversation with Hot in Juba.

The self-proclaim “Original First Lady” has attracted considerable disgust from friends and music lovers over her rants on facebook.

One of her facebook friends asked Mary to stop calling people ‘broke asses.’

“You don’t need to be rude and insulting people asses, everyone got ass. You are celebrity and need to respect your fan,” said the friend.

“Please Boyoi don’t talk about being broke coz I believe everyone start from bottom to reach their destiny including yuh, I guess,” said another fan.

Some went as far as describing Mary Boyoi as uneducated.

“That’s the problem with illiterate people. All they know is abusive language. They think they are stable when they release one song. Be humble friends or you will not go far.”

Ms. Boyoi, “Original First-Lady” has the right to reply.