In 2014, rumours of musician being pregnant of a lovechild were circulated on social media after it was alleged that the singer was cheating on her husband of 14 years with the former coup detainee Ezekiel Lol, now a senior rebel official. The musician decided to move out after it became public. It was alleged that the former ambassador rented her a house and bought her a car in Kenya.

A source with knowledge of the scandal said they developed a fling back to 2011 when Mr. Gatkouth was still South Sudan’s ambassador to US, the diplomat is said to have secretly processed the musicians travel documents and flown her to USA under pretext that the musician was going to mobilize South Sudanese for referendum vote in the US.

In January 2013, the ambassador and the musician were spotted together in Dubai having lavish holiday. The two lovers have been seen traveling together to East African countries and frequently seen together in Nimule Logistic Lodge in Juba where Mr. Gatkuoth used to stay. The source added that the musician’s marriage has been in trouble after ambassador Gatkouth asked the musician to divorce her husband if she want to be his second wife. The source further said that it is not yet clear whether the husband will open a court case against the ambassador or will divorce the mother of his four children.

Nyapal’s musical success is accredited her husband, a popular radio personality and experienced radio journalist in Juba who is said to have nurtured and managed the singer’s talent for years through airplay.

Nyapal now has a son with Ezekiel Lol. The new baby is the musician’s fifth child, four of whom with her husband of 14 years.