Finally the face of medicine may soon change after Israeli scientists announced that the search for a Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) cure may have just come to an end after discovering a new treatment drug called Gammora.

According to the results released on Sunday by Zion Medical, an Israeli biotech company, Gammora can significantly reduce the viral load in human subjects by killing infected cells without harming healthy ones, unlike antiretroviral drugs which suppress the spreading of the virus.

Gammora, has the potential to eradicate 99 per cent of HIV by inserting the virus’s genetic material into the DNA of the infected cell.

The head of development at Zion Medical, Dr Esmira Naftali, said, that nine patients at Ronald Bata Memorial Hospital in Uganda were randomly assigned to receive different doses of the drug for four to five weeks.

“Given the limited nature of this study, we are excited to prove the efficiency of our drug in phase 2b with a greater number of participants over a longer period of time,” Dr Esmira Naftali

Research indicated most of the participants recorded up to a 90% decrease of the virus within the first four weeks.

The second phase was kicked up a notch and the patients were given a cocktail of the drug and antiretroviral medicine which saw the virus decrease up to 99%.

“These first clinical results were beyond our expectations and promise hope in finding a cure for the disease,” said Dr Naftali.

In August, the ministry of health raised concerns over the increasing number of young people getting infected.