Days after K2 promotion announced Tanzanian Diamond concert for Juba. Many took to social media to express their views on who should do a song with the Tanzanian award-winining musician.

Information has it that the team at K2 Promotion wants John Frog do a collabo with the Tanzanian musician.

This information was widely critised by fans online, with many saying that John Frog isn’t talented to do a song with International musician like Diamond.

This critism prompted South Sudanese comedian Ak Dans to come to Frog’s rescue. He took to his page to support K2’s alleged decision.

“Respect John Frog. Talented or not, respect him. He is the first one to ever do it and we gotta respect him. He is a legend,” he posted.

Ak further asked South Sudanese to respect Frog for for the fact that Frog’s ‘Guondo Sakit’ has crossed borders.

“Respect this boy. I repeat Respect him. His song plays in other African Countries while you are struggling to get yours played at home. Please Respect him. He is Representing South Sudan and we gotta stop disrespecting him. He is our own. Let’s embrace him, he added.

John Frog, a close friend to K2 promotion management did a song in 2019 with Tanzanian musician Harmonize.