A government official in Ruweng Administrative Area has warned people against poaching as more than 500 elephants arrived in the area from Jonglei State.

Miakol Makuac, the area’s information director, said: “more than 500 elephants with their youngsters are here with us in Ruweng. I call on citizens not to kill them.”

Speaking to Radio Tamazuj on Wednesday last week, Miakol said elephants seasonally migrate from Jonglei State into the Ngol area in Ruweng Administrative Area.

He further said elephants stay in the area until October and return to Jonglei. Miakol cautioned citizens against poaching since this is threatening wildlife populations.

The government official underscored that the wild animals should be preserved and whoever kills these animals would face the law. He expressed concern over a deteriorating security situation in the area, saying several armed men who trade in ivory come and kill the elephants.

Makuac urged the national government to support wildlife forces in the area to protect elephants from poachers.

Since the war broke out in December 2013, 50 percent of elephants collared by the Wildlife Conservation Society are believed killed, bringing estimates for the country’s total elephant population down to just 2,500 individuals.

Via RT