The renovation of Juba Bridge is set to be completed in about 30 days, the Site Advisor for Mabey Bride has confirmed.

Since last year, part of the bridge was closed due to damage on parts of super structure holding the bride.

Alan Pearson, the Site Advisor of Mabey Bride-the company rehabilitating the bridge told Juba Monitor that the work on the bridge was progressing well and said would be completed as soon as possible.

He said they were currently dismantling the parts that were bending towards the river .

“We are doing about 50 meters a day to dismantle but I am hoping that we will finish soon,” he said.

Moses Majak, one of the Engineers from Mabey Bride said their work was going well but the continuous movement of the vehicles and people in the other side of the bridge was slowing their work.

“There was a lot of jam which disturb us. Whenever we finish, we have to wait for almost one hour for the cars to cross the bridge because there is no way people can pass,” Majak said.

When completed, Majak said the government should control movement of heavy trucks from using the bridge saying some of the vehicles were overloaded.

Juba Bridge was constructed in 1972 and it underwent some repairs in 2008.

Source: Juba Monitor