A lineman at a football match in Torit passed away after collapsing during the first half of the match between the Hinaitie FC with Torit United FC in Torit on Saturday in matches of the division one clubs of Torit Football Association.

The football official identified as Haidar Moses had complained of fatigue before the match start, but he began officiating the match anyway and collapsed thereafter. He was taken to a hospital about 200 meters from the pitch where he died in hospital.

The match ended 3-2 in favor of Torit United FC, with scores by Jules, Matthew and Sebit Paul. Sebit John scored two goals for Hinaitie FC in the first half.

The third week of the tournament begins with Monday’s match between Young Star FC and Volcano FC, on Tuesday Hilal FC with Malakia, on Friday Hinaitie FC with the Nile Star FC, and on Saturday Torit United FC with Red Bull.

via Radio Tamazuj