Riek Machar’s rebel official Agel Machar has issued serious threats against Hot in Juba’s writer and blogger John Tingo popularly known as John Masura.

In a private FB conversation through John’s inbox Agel accused John of defamation for an opinion article he wrote in March when he defected to rebels. Mr. Machar defected to rebels in March after he was dismissed as national youth union acting chairman by Youth and Culture minister Dr. Nadia Arop Dudi.

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“I will find you, Salva will not be president forever”, Agel said as seen in one of the chat screen shots.

“I will find you even in 20 years”. He said in another.

He further threatened to harm any family members of the blogger living in East Africa.

“Even your family or close friends in East Africa will suffer”, he said.

“Im getting to you bitch. Take it seriously”.

Agel in the same chat also disclosed that his reasons for defection was because he was dismissed. He said he was dismissed by minister Nadia because he wasn’t ‘technocrat’, denying there was never a recorded tape of him talking ill of the minister and the government which led to his dismissal.

Agel went ahead to accused his rebel comrade Luris K. Mulla, an ex girlfriend to Mabior Garang and daughter to defected Western Equatoria’s MP.

In some messages Mr. Agel appeared to think that John was close or working on behave of Luris Mulla to expose rebel officials whom she felt out with.

“Please pass my regards to Kenedy O. Lorya and Luris K. Mulla”. He said.

On his part Hot in Juba‘s writer John Masura downplayed the seriousness of the threats but said he would report the matter to the police if necessary. John also said he has no family members in East Africa.

Please read the screenshots below of the chat between John and Agel:

Agel1 Agel2 Agel3 Agel4 Agel5 Agel6 Agel7 Agel8 Agel9 Agel10 Agel11 Agel12 Agel13 Agel14