A resignation letter written by John Kenyi seems to confirm allegations of disloyalty widely labelled against Thomas Cirillo before he rebelled.
John Kenyi who was one of Riek’s militia commanders in Central Equatoria defected yesterday to Thomas Cirillo’s NAS. In a resignation letter he wrote that “unknown to many, Gen. Cirillo ever since has taken risk to his life by providing us with logistics support, and tactical guidance when he was inside the country.”
At the time of his defection, various people within the SPLA accused Thomas Cirillo who was a Deputy Chief of Staff of being a mole. He was accused of passing intelligence to the rebels which resulted in ambushes that claimed many lives. He was also accused of being the primary source of information for UN Panel of Experts.
Cirillo has not refuted the claim made in John Kenyi’s letter.
via The National Courier