Agel Ring Machar, a rebel appointed shadow ‘governor’ has been spotted getting little too cozy with a girl only identified as Bigoa Daniel Chiok. Our sources say Bigoa is a South Sudanese – American who recently came to Kenya for a visit but only to fall in love with Agel.

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Our sources say the two have been partying hard in most expensive clubs in Nairobi and “probably having some good times”.

According to our sources Agel left his matrimonial wife, Awel Deng whom he has a child with in Juba when he declared his allegiance to Riek Machar’s rebellion early this year.

Agel’s wife is said to be a lecturer in a private university in Juba.

Little is known about Bigoa but oh she has been chilling with Christine Mathiang who is Mabior Garang’s girlfriend at least according to pics Christine posted to FB.

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Agel and Mistress

Agel and Mistress

Christine x Bigoa

Christine Mabior x Bigoa Agel