An angry believer attempted to slap Rebecca Nyandeng Garang in the church this morning, less than 48 hours since she returned to Juba.

Mama Nyandeng who was accompanied by other leaders of the Former Detainees to a Sunday service at Emmanuel Jieng ECS in Hai Cinema was asked by the preceding pastor to kneel before the congregation for prayers. She was joined by Dr. Majaak D’Agoot plus two other people. Suddenly a woman who visibly looked angry approached the podium and raised a hand to slap Nyandeng.

The woman was however restrained by members of the congregation. But that didn’t stop the raging woman from hulling insult at Mrs. Garang for “betraying” her community. The woman demanded that Nyandeng brings her son, Mabior Garang for prayers as well.

According to the woman, Mama Rebecca allegedly “sold out” the government by siding with the SPLM-IO. She claims Nyandeng and her son are partially responsible for the deaths that followed in Bor after December 2013.

Over the last 1 year and half, Rebecca Nyandeng has been critical of the government and most of the government supporters from her home area of Twic East and Bor have condemned her for publicly exposing the death of civilians in Juba and ignoring those that were killed in Bor.

Unlike her son, Mabior Garang, who joined the SPLM-IO, Mrs. Garang remained as part of the SPLM-FDs led by Pagan Amum.