Reason why Junubin men love Bamia soup

Reason why Junubin men love Bamia soup

Okra has been known as a medicinal vegetable. It is a tall-growing plant that traces its origin to Africa. Particularly, Okra has been known for its origin in ancient Sudan and other regions such as the Eastern Mediterranean, the Carribean, Americas, and India.

While one study finds that okra is bad for male fertility, it was done in mice and raw okra was used in the study. In reality, humans do not consume raw okra. We, humans always cook it before consumption.

There may be some cultures who are consuming okra raw but for most people, okras are cooked prior to consumption.

In one study1, researchers found that okra is beneficial for liver health due to its flavonoid contents. Why this matters? Well, in another study2, researchers found that foods rich in flavonoids is beneficial in reducing incidence of erectile dysfunction.

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