The South Sudan chairperson for the HIV/AIDs Commission, Dr. Eterina Novella Nylock has said the rate of HIV/Aids in the country has significantly dropped in the past year.

In an interview with Gurtong, Dr. Eterina said that South Sudanese need to be educated on the disease in order for them to know how to protect themselves.

She was speaking in Wau where the Commission is holding a workshop to find out ways to educate the masses on the disease.

“We are here in Wau to participant in a consultative workshop on HIV/AIDs on how to educate our people on the dangers of the disease. This consultative workshop is one of the important exercises that we are carrying out in the country to mobilize the public on utilization of the available services,” she said.

Nylock said as South Sudan is a member of UN Aids, there is a need for the people living with HIV to know their status and request for treatment.

She said her visit to Wau is also to monitor the delivered HIV medication that had been sent to Wau and to meet with Wau State authorities to discuss and share commitments on the HIV response in the State.

She said the commission has so far distributed enough condoms to States adding that they have strongly recommended testing of ones status as a priority when carrying out blood transfusion at any medical facilities.

Nylock condemned discrimination of those living with the disease.

“Some people who are HIV positive are being forced out from their jobs in some States which is not good. The commission is strongly condemning such action and should stop,” said Nylock.

Via Gurtong