Rapper turned politician Yezee Giel has welcomed a new bundle of joy. The overjoyed musician announced of social media last evening about his new baby born in Nairobi, Kenya.

23rd May 2015 @ 6:30am has became a blessing day and the happiest Saturday for me,family,friends and my in – laws for receiving this gift,I count it as the best day of my life…my wife Shingolita Teny has given birth to our bouncing baby boy,flamboyant and majestic just like his father. Thank God almighty for my son DENG GIEL DENG. God has given me the chance to be the best father in the world and that is what I will be. God Bless You Son.

Baby boy named Deng Giel will be the first born child for the rapper/politician with his ‘wife’ Shingolita Teny.

Giel is the Nairobi’s chapter chairperson for the new political party People’s Liberal Party (PLP).