Swahili rapping MC Vimbo also known for his pre-song phrase ‘Mana Bad Man’ who was recently released from Juba Prison was last week found blacked out in toilets at The Mask Bar during the album launch of Hard Life Avenue.

This was the first time Vimbo was seen in public after he was arrested and jailed for three months last year.

He was thrown into Juba main prison after failing to repair a car that was hit by his Subaru.

The rapper and friends according to our sources were involved in a car accident where both his and another car were badly damaged. His friend only identified George was drinking. Both men were drunk and blamed for accident.

The rapper after release from jail went broke and underground only to be found sleeping in the toilet at The Mask Bar due to too much drinking.

We are told he is now being helped by Club Xclusive’s owner Mabior Garang. The rapper is now planning to go back to studio and record new music soon.

His damaged Subaru Legacy is still parked at the police station somewhere in Hai Jebel.

Vimbo is known for his 2012 collabos with Kenyan singers Wyre and Rabbit. Most of Vimbo’s songs are in Swahili.