Since Hadia Badi’s ‘I love Juba’ and ‘Madina Juba’ by late Sudanese singer Mahmoud Abdelaziz, it’s about time someone pay homage to our great city of Juba once again. Lyrically Untouchable African Legend aka LUAL aka the self proclaimed king of African Hiphop is set to release a new song entitled ‘My city Juba’ recognising the capital city of the country.

Shots fired!

The controversial rapper in a Facebook post announced the new song will be released soon and he fired shots to unnamed rappers. Its not clear who the rapper is directing the shots to but in recent years the rapper had beef with another MC Lawless YB.

Here is what LUAL posted:

“Juba is my city” L.U.A.L ft. Ray Bullet is a serious banger coming soon. Been quiet and incognito but I see you, and hear you haters, doubters, and underraters, but this African Hip Hop thing is mine!!! Middle finger yall!!!