For the past one week musicians from Spikeboyz crew have been throwing jabs at hip-hop artist LUAL for what they alleged as song theft. They accused LUAL of lacking creativity for stealing the idea of their song “Juba Is My City” and made his own version out of it.

In his first response LUAL said he didn’t even know of any crew by the name Spikeboyz but the group said he was lying since one of their crew member Jay Tom was featured in a hiphop cypher with LUAL last year. They even sent HIJ the audio of the cypher to discredit LUAL’s claims.

But in his second response which can only be described as “classic”, LUAL wrote the following statement:

We in Juba. Talking about Juba, and folks based thousand of miles away accusing us of song theft. I heard the funniest thing ever cause we don’t even write we recite everyday life. How many songs titled “I miss you”? It’s an idea and if you upcoming, do anything for publicity, irrelevant artist want to shine off controversy merge out of the fast lane cause lyrically it can get out of hand and personal fast. Strap on your seat belts. That the last time I type words to you kids. I know you are happy I finally responded to you? Now I got moves to make in the Juba I see, not the Juba I read.