Good or bad people are talking about Hot In Juba. Probably the only thing trending on Junubins social media right now. A blessing or curse? Anyways, thumbs up #TeamHIJ.

The latest to add his voice to this trend but in a unique way is rapper LUAL. In his soon to be released song dedicated to Juba city he rapped about HIJ. He posted the song’s lyrics on his Facebook and it goes like this:

“Got the key of city, I got it locked in Juba/ dictate like Pol Pot in Juba, cause my flows hot in Juba, tabloid talk alot in Juba cause we hot in Juba/ Media coverage like birds that flock in Juba/ll street watch in Juba, weather i drive fly or walk in Juba/ not a Jundi or Sisi but i be the talk of Juba/ pull out the yellow tape plus white chalk in Juba!!!”