South Sudan music industry is slowly growing and many musicians claim to hold the crown to the throne. One of these musicians is Kdenk who has been consistently producing hit songs over the past two years.

Kdenk whose real name is Kuong Deng has declared himself the KING of South Sudan music industry. The artist who is a based currently in Kampala, Uganda took to social media to announce that he rules South Sudan music industry.

“The king of South Sudan music, this is all I see in myself. If you don’t see it, that is not my problem,” he posted.

The ‘Juzza’ hit singer recently call out Silver X saying Silver is embarrassing South Sudan music industry.

He asked Silver to produce quality songs that will appeal to a wider audience in and outside South Sudan.

Kdenk who started his musical journey after being evicted from reality music show, Tusker Project Fame has toured the world, giving his fans the music they deserve, and according to his manager, the shows are always sold out.