Koang Deng known to many by his stage name K-Denk has just released a new song dubbed “Hope”. 

The song which was released yesterday on Youtube is already making rounds on social media amongst the youth.

The song “ Hope, There Will Be A Brighter Day ” is dedicated to all South Sudanese, as he urges South Sudanese to unite and work together for a better South Sudan. Everything about the song is stylish, from the hook, the beat, and the message.

Koang Deng, popularly known by his stage name K-Denk, is a sensational South Sudanese Hip Hop Rapper, songwriter and producer. He is the founder of Wangdunkon/ Wangdunkon Empire and WangBoy Records.

K-Denk, who is currently a permanent resident of Canada, has been writing, recording and performing his own music since 2008. His popular singles include “Ou Ce Jiek” (2009), ”Guolä Ni Widä Ping (2016), ”William Deng” (2017) Wimuon” (2018), ”Life Is You” (2019) and “VICTORY” (2019) which continue to bring new fans to his already exceptionally enthusiastic following.

Listen to the song below: