Politician cum musician Hot Dogg has disclosed to HIJ that he is shipping in modern recording studio equipments from China.

“A lot of studios in Juba are not up to-date & modernized and with the growing industry in the country there is need for a modern, high tech studios that can produce tracks that will compete regionally and globally,” he told HIJ.

The studio to be named “E-Shoo! Records” will be managed by Wayback Entertainment. E-shoo! is a popular exclamation depicting surprise mainly among the Nilotes of South Sudan.

“We chose that name because we (the studio) are here to “surprise” the world that good things will be coming from South Sudan,” he said when asked why he choosed the name Eshoo! for the Studio.

Eshoo! Records will offer a wide range of services, i.e:

  • Studio Hire and Event management
  • Studio Recording (song/album)
  • Radio Ads/Jingles
  • Radio Programming
  • Music Video Production
  • Film Production
  • Mixing/Mastering
  • Vocals
  • Distribution
  • Artist Management