The rapper and activist, Mijok Lang better know to many as Rapper Hotdogg has teamed up with Joseph Akok Deng, former “Lost Boy” who became a doctor in the United States of America and they are coming to South Sudan this October to build a clinic and supply tonnes worth of medicine to the venerable and needy people in the country.

Akok while in The United State of America founded South Sudan Life Care Mission, a non-profit organisation to promote awareness and support for the South Sudanese struggling in illness, poverty, and conflict.  Joseph’s campaign works to aid South Sudan through life-saving medicine, both physical and spiritual.

Mijok who is on his US tour met Akok and they are asking South Sudanese in The United State of America to donate medicine to help the people suffering back in South Sudan.

“Mijok and Akok have put in work and are asking South Sudanese to come together regardless of tribe or political affiliation and put hands together for the great people of South Sudan,” Representative of South Sudan Lifecare Mission said.

Check their work on this website here