Mijok Lang better known to many as Rapper Hot Dogg has kept his cool over the past year over the affairs of his home state, Ruweng state.

But, last night it seems he has had enough of ‘shit-containing.’ He took to social media, threatening to exposed people he calls “so-called leaders of Ruweng state in the diaspora.”

“Haters are just confused admirers…going facebook live today or tomorrow about some old folks in the diaspora. I’m tired of being silenced..being in North America has given everyone teeth for real, even those you never heard of their parents back home… I’m talking some Panaruu individuals claiming to be leaders out here, I just put Panaruu/Ruweng State on the maps with Tuk de Ming/ Babul ka Banyop song right? But this individual old folks that been cutting meats for years in Diaspora turned that knife on me stabbing my back with it gossiping about me..should I expose them ya Junubin??? Or should I just ignored them??? Just comment below,” Hot Dogg posted on social media.

Rapper Hot Dogg has over the past complained of people who are backstabbing and gossiping about him and his music career but he never mentioned any names.

The rapper known for his cultured hit songs like Tuuk De Ming and Babul Kubanyop is in the United State of America for his music tour and was the guest artist at Ruweng State Community fundraising ceremony in the states.