Well well well it seems Mijok Lang aka Rapper Hot Dogg has excepted the challenge to square off with self proclaimed billionaire, Lawrence Lual aka Young Tycoon in the boxing ring. Hot Dogg excepted the challenge after Lual threatened on social media alleging that he will kick Hot Dogg’s a**.

Lual, who is known of flaunting his wealth on social media challenged the rapper early in May and according to a source at Hot Dogg’s camp, Hot Dogg didn’t want to face the self-proclaimed billionaire, he calls a fool.

“Hot Dogg didn’t want to get involved in Lual drama and attention seeking stunts…that why it took him long to accept the challenge,” the source closed to Hot Dogg told HIJ.

Hot Dogg announced on his fb page that he is ready to reconfigure Lual’ fat face.
“South Sudanese billionaires Lawrence Lual Malong Yor Jr. Aka Young Tycoon want to fight me right? Well, let’s call it a celebrity boxing match in any country within East Africa Nairobi or Kampala and is on,” Hot Dogg posted.

The proceeds of the boxing match will be donated to one of the orphanages in Juba or charity of their choice

“Get ya gloves on brother and let’s do it for any charity of ya choices… #challenge #accepted by Yool Agany aka kedit Akoon aka Tuk de Ming aka Nyamasaying aka Jongtuch or Kelip Sukun.. #restrictly #no #Gun no #Violence through gloves you either win or I lose,” Hot Dogg shared on his wall.

This will be the first South Sudanese celebrity boxing match if it happens.