Australia based rapper is one of people disapproving of models posing naked. Last night Grey Bull shared the link of Hot in Juba’s article on South Sudanese supermodels posing nude. He condemned the models and even wished if he was the president, he would disown the models; Alek Wek, Ataui Deng and Ajak Deng.

Majority of Australia based South Sudanese differed with Bull arguing that it was models’ choice to do what they want with their bodies and they reported him to Facebook to have the post taken down. This almost cost him his Facebook profile. His account was suspended for hours before he could contact Facebook officials to reactivate it.

Now the rapper is back on Facebook and furious at the people who reported his account. Below is what he posted:

“To all you media fools even the Facebook management who I believe are Western or White people believe the photos are too explicit and had to remove the photos. Grow some brains. They had to deactivate my account temporarily so I had to contact them and reset my account.”