Rap sensation and lyricist Asif Kuwa appears to be done hiding feelings and the lady of his heart, or should we say mind.

For the last one week, the “Pieces of Peace” rapper has displayed the picture of beautiful South Sudan Talent Search, Season 3 contestant on his Facebook page.

Iratu Itorong is the rapper’s bae (Lucky dude). Iratu is undeniably beautiful. Her figure is what ‘recent’ boys would “die” for (Check out her latest pix). All Asif could say to accompany his uploads on the page is: “More of who is in it, Damn….”

Iratu won second place in the finals of TSS3 sponsored by South Sudan Artists Association and Vivacell.

Over the period of the competition, Asif was seen on most occasions to be seated right at the front row celebrating the performance of Ms. Iratu.

Iratu was favorite among fans of the reality show who have compared her voice to that of American RnB singer, Tony Braxton and late Whitney Houston.

Late last year, while Asif was sick in Nairobi, the two lovebirds exchanged words of affection and care towards each other publicly on their Facebook.

Asif has since April this year, uploaded two pictures of Iratu, and made one his profile picture while his photo gazing into the sky as his background picture.

It is not clear whether the two fell in love before talent search, during talent search, or after talent search.

Iratu who is the daughter to a senior advisor to the President of South Sudan, has also publicly indicated on her relationship status to be hooked to Asif Kafi.

On the contrary, Asif status indicates: “No relationship info to show” (What?)

Musically, Asif, who is friend to L.U.A.L and a member of hip hop group, Shuba Clan, is untouchable; his rhymes are tight, his flow is smooth and most of his songs carrry a lot of messages as portrayed in songs such as: “Konyo Konyo’ (latest), “Rumors of War”, “ Me iz Music” and “Jubali”

via talkofjuba.com