During a recent interview with The Weekly Voice reporter Mulla, Rappadox born Ayii Akol also known as Fayastata as he prefers to be call disclosed that he was released after spending months at detention Center at National Security notorious Blue House in Juba.

He was released after the investigated proved that he was arrested for a crime he didn’t commit due to mistaken identity.

“I was unlawfully detained and convicted for months. Mistaken identity was the case as we came to know afterward”, he said.

He revealed that his detention for months at Blue House was the hardest thing for him and his family.

“It was really hard for me and my family who counts on me to support them financially. Life in there is boring and time-consuming.You undergo both mental and physical torture daily not mentioning hunger. Anyway, the relevant authority concerned later found me innocence and let me walk away scot free…. ”, he said.

Rappadox is popularly known for their hit song alongside south Sudanese sensation Lawlez YB of “Lokuben Love” fame for their “Sudanese pounds” collaboration which he later remixed with Sweet B, WJ, Silver among others. It brought about a brief beef between him and the later when he wasn’t featured however they squashed it amicably. Fayastata has more songs in store for us according to his gospel. Our entertainment reporter Doe Mulla caught up with him at Brooklyn while fresh from prison with yet another club banger titled “Injustice” which is already topping charts locally and regionally.