We’re all well aware of the negative effects that come with skin bleaching but one female South Sudanese musician is ‘sweating’ out bleaching cream.

Zahra Angelo popularly known as Queen Zee debuted a much lighter complexion when she came back from Cairo, Egypt where she was staying, Her close friends say that it is the result of using a skin bleaching cream three times in a day.

We have learned that Queen Zee risk getting cancer, In an EXCLUSIVELY interview with a renowned dermatologist in Juba.

“Bleaching certainly leaves the skin much more bare in terms of its protection against skin cancer,” he tells us. “So, I would suspect that se’s absolutely at an increased risk for skin cancer. Darker skin, in general, is more protected against skin cancer than light skin, so if you take the pigment out of dark skin as we see here, you’re definitely dramatically increasing the risk for skin cancer.”