Hiphop artist Mangar, popularly known to his fans as Lawless YB has finally spoken about the continued detention of his ex-lover singer Queen Zee. The rapper talked to Hot in Juba last week after the news of Queen Zee imprisonment circulated on social media.

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“It’s my desire to lobby for her release too. The last time we were together was when we’re working on a peace project. We had an appointment in the office of central Equatoria governor only to hear that she was apprehended and is undergoing interrogations on a wider investigation going on,” He told HIJ.

Mangar told us he believes the one time most popular female singer is not a criminal. He said Queen Zee was friends with late Mustafa and that could be the reason she was arrested for interrogations.

“I wish to talk to her in person and seek some answers but all I know is that the deceased; the son of former IGP was her friend and that the culprit behind the whole scandal used Zee to lure the guy into the hands of his nemesis where he met his death. There are words going on the street that she is a criminal but the truth is Zee isn’t as per the time we had together. Whatever is going on, somebody somewhere is responsible.” He stated.

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He said he tried many times to contact the singer but was unsuccessful in all his attempts.

On why the musician is detained without legal process, the rapper said:

“I think it is cos of the national security bill that was passed recently. Mind you the case was with them. I understand she isn’t a lone in this case but it’s being treated as an isolated one. She was arrested and taken to the Blue House (NS building), before being transferred to the prison.”

The rapper is confident Queen Zee will be given a fair trail.

“Sure she will be given fair trial just like any other citizen of south Sudan”

Queen has son named Gedu living with his grandmother in Arua, Uganda.