The young South Sudanese female singer Zahra Angelo popularly known as Queen Zee who was last month released from prison after being acquitted of murder charges has made it to the studio, recording a song to thank God for making her release possible.

“Yeah, it’s time to thank God.for the miracle he has done…it’s only God otherwise!!!”, she exclusively told HIJ.

She revealed to HIJ that even while still in the prison, she joined Prison Choir Group to praise and give thank to God.

“…..even in prison coz God says you a not alone…I joined a choir group and dis me wid other prisoners singing during x. Mas celebration on 26 December”, she added.

The ‘First Lady’ singer had been in prison since February last year for allegedly taking part in an incident which resulted in the murder of Mustafa Acuil Tito, a police officer, in Juba.

Queen Zee and other ten suspects accused of the same murder case were released from prison last month after the court proved that they were innocent.