Zahara Angelo aka Queen Zee, known for d*ck-riding men has had enough with her recent found love, Kanya Di Lion.

The singer who over the years has had an unstable relationship with over 20 men, penned a note on social media accusing Kanya of cheating and sleeping with an older woman loaded with money in Egypt who she says is infected. Queen Zee took Kanya on a love vacation in Egypt and it looks like she is having it rough after another older wealthy woman snatched her young lover in his 20s.

According to source in Cairo,  Kanya is into money and will do anything for money.

” He was brought here(Cairo) by Queen Zee and it was Queen Zee who was doing everything: food, hotel bill, drinks, and condoms if they were doing protective sex bit now he has found a way with more many than Queen Zee. So it’s a case of winner takes home the D and don’t ask me what D means,” The source said.

Queen has had a very tough love life over the past years where has been in all kinds of abusive relationship.