It was not easy to find a good, quality children’s clothing store in Juba but now that is a thing of the past thanks to popular music promoter and United Kings manager Koryom Kuol.

Promoter K2 as he is known in music industry is a businessman who owns a chain of businesses in Juba. He is currently planning to adding Achai Wiir Children’s clothing store in Hai Soura. The store shall sell high quality clothing serving new-borns to 14-year-olds.

The shop will have unique children’s clothing unavailable elsewhere in the country as you won’t have to travel to East Africa to get your child that nice cloth that puts a smile on their face.

The music promoter’s many other businesses in the city includes, Achai Wiir Boutique for Ladies and Gentlemen Wear, Achai Wiir Shop for basic needs and Achai Wiir Restaurant, all along Tumbura Road.




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