It may seem complimenting each other’s role in the music industry is not a thing Promoters and radio Presenters do well these days in South Sudan. A promoter is accusing some radio presenters of nepotism and outright ‘gebelia’ (tribalism) in their work.

Promoter Ktwo of K2 Promotions Company has publicly expressed his dissatisfaction with the way radio presenters play music from certain artists at the expense of others.

He said the “unknown” presenters are insincere with their jobs. He claims that some presenters are running their own promotion companies, and often use their positions at the radio stations to promote artists from their label; a case of biasness.

Although Ktwo is yet to reveal the names of the presenters, he said: “I think there is a big tribalism in the music industry now days in Juba.”

He went on threatening to expose the names of the presenters and the radio stations trespassing into the role of artist management and promotion.

Ktwo said: “I will mention for you guys the names of ‪the promotion ‪‎companies owned by these radio ‪presenters who are promoting tribalism, and their radios in which they have started their tribalism in.”

It remain to be seen whether radio presenters who are by-default criticized in that category will “clap back” at Ktwo over his comments.

…Not sure whether this is a blunt threat or will Ktwo actually proceed to name names. It would be interesting to read, walai laziim!!