HIJ has learnt that the legendary Audio Musical Producer commonly known with his utmost name Jehu Government aka Jehu Sam has decided to swallow this time broken glasses of Red Label in protest and dissatisfaction with the current Musical Awards organized by Eye Radio and sponsored by MTN.

Jehu who is behind the recording of South Sudan National Anthem and a father of bringing up Music Stars such as Silver-x, WJ the King, Mr Lengs and many more has articulated why their efforts as Music Producers are not recognized by various so called Award organisers and did you know that musical copyrights belong to Audio Producers? Then get to know it now.

Jehu Sam further emphasized his dismay to hips of problems mostly molded by some artists who in reality do not have talent but through thick and thin end up making hits that rock the industry and who makes it happen? Of course, it’s Producers he said.

With the voting spree on social media and other platforms he almost fainted when he heard voters being advised to vote as many times as they can for better chances of their artists to sweep through. producer Jehu was quoted splitting “Man I have never seen a voting event where voters are advised to vote as many times as they can, meaning instead of artists campaigning, they would rather prefer buying MTN scratch cards (airtime) in corridors as much as their pockets can accommodate and decide to vote for themselves a thousand times to buy themselves an Award and we shall be forced to believe that it’s social responsibility. Bro’ it’s broad day robbing at easy”.

Otherwise, he welcomed the event and advised such organisers next time never to forget their contributions to music industry though he is not in such Award winning accolades since he is a legendary and attributes his upcoming Producers to be recognized.