Prices in various market in Juba City has reduced after the intervention by Central Equatoria Chamber of commerce as well as South Sudan Business union.

This came after the chairman of the Equatotoria Chamber of commerce surveyed and monitored all the markets in Juba to ensure that all the prices of goods and other basic items reduce to the level of pocket-friendly affordable by the common man.

Speaking to Press yesterday, the Chairperson for the Konyo-Konyo market Charles Ibrahim Luwala said that all commodities in the market have to drop down than before following the low rate of the dollar.

“Currently the prices of white sugar 50kg has reduced from 24,000 to 18,000 South Sudanese pounds, brown sugar 50kg is 18,000 to 13,000, wheat flower 50kg 22,500 to 17,000, maize flour 50kg from 17,000 to 12,000. Also 50kg for bean from 43,000 to 30,000 and cooking oil 20 little from 17,000 to 11,000”

Meanwhile, Somalian businessman Bashir Adam appreciated the government and Central Equatoria State Chamber of Commerce for their intervention to stop the high rate of dollars.

“The prices have slightly reduced, last week we had the problem of increase of dollar but now things are going good. Our customers are now coming back,” Adam said.

He added that for the last four days all their customers run away over the new prices in the market.

However, the Chairperson for Central Equatoria State Chamber of Commerce, Robert Pitia Francis said anyone who does not reduce the prices he or she will be punished because these rules and regulations are going to all traders who are in the market in Juba city.

“As we have surveyed the market the prices are down with few challenges, some people who are still doesn’t want to understand because some of the people understand with time but we don’t want to reach according to what they want. Our responsibility as the traders and the government is to build the country.”

He added that let them know that increasing the prices is cheating the citizens because without the people there is no business.

On Monday, the chairman of Business Union issued a 72 hours ultimatum for traders and business community to reduce the hyper prices of basis commodities in the market.

Via Juba Monitor