President’s son to sponsor Holyland Empire upcoming singer

South Sudanese musicians normally depend on proceeds from the concerts to make a living, since albums and singles are never sold but pirated but things even become more worse because music concerts in Juba are poorly attended owing to the acute economic crisis facing the country.

So for an artist to get someone to sponsor a recording deal or a video shoot could be a huge help and this is why Silver X’s Holyland Music Empire affiliated singer Slate Nation could be one of the luckiest musicians if his recent revelations are anything to go by.

The musician told Hot in Juba that one of president Kiir sons has promised to pay more than $1000 for his upcoming music video. Mayar Kiir said to be a businessman has decided to be philanthropic enough to sponsor a promising star Slate Nation whose real name is Deng Chol.

Slate and first son


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