South Sudanese Lost Boy who kicked off his presidential campaigns in USA last month in a quest to replace President Salva Kiir has continued to intensify his campaigns.

Bol Gai Deng, a member of South Sudanese Lost Boys declared his interest for the top seat in July. He has since travelled to many American states trying to sell his agenda for change to South Sudanese communities living in the US.

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Even as doubts are cast over the county’s ability to hold presidential elections in 2018 – just 4 months away – Bol has vowed to continue his campaigns. Analysts argue that the country is still in a state of war and not prepared for elections.

His latest campaign meeting was held at a church in the state of Virginia in USA on August. In a rally, he told South Sudanese that he will change the country for better if elected.

It is not clear when Bol is going to come back to launch his campaigns in the country. Bol plans to run on a ticket of his new political party called Kush Democratic Majority.