Presidential Aspirant, Suzanne Jambo wins Mandela Prize for peace

A south Sudanese female activist turned politician has been honored and received a price for her work in advocating for women rights.

Suzzane Jambo, the leader of South Sudan STEPS Towards Peace and Democracy, human rights and civil society party received Peace Prize by Paris-based Mandela Institute.

She was acknowledged for her vocal advocacy against the way the current leaders are running the country.

“The Mandela Ubuntu Prize to Hon. Suzanne JAMBO, Chairperson / Founder of South Sudan STEPS Towards Peace and Democracy, human rights and civil society activist, for her admirable battle for justice, democracy, and human rights in South Sudan. She is renowned for her active participation in peace negotiations and her exemplary actions in pooling NGOs’ resources to defend women and children’s rights, promote inclusive security, participatory governance, conflicts prevention, fair and lasting peace in South Soudan,”the press release from Mandela Institut reads.

Suzanne Jambo is a former South Sudan ruling party official and has vowed to challenge President Salva Kiir in the country’s next general elections.

Suzanne was the first female Sudan People’s National Secretary for External Relations in charge of all SPLM external relations, SPLM relationships with national and foreign political parties, developed South Sudan foreign relations and other related external SPLM affairs and South Sudanese Diaspora.

In October 2017, she announced her intention to stand for the presidency in the South Sudanese general election, 2018.

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