President Salva Kiir Mayardit today at the official opening of The 6th SPLA Extra Ordinary Command Council, under the theme: Our Loyalty and Service to the Nation, not Tribes or Parties” in Bilpam, SPLA General Headquarters. The president said that he wants the national army, SPLA restructured and transformed into a modernised national army.

In his opening remarks, President Kiir emphasizes the importance of restructuring and transforming the army to match the international standards. He pointed out that it is not something easy to restructure and transform the army. Adding that transformation must start from the top. He said the Conference must concentrate on how to transform the SPLA.

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President Kiir stressed that the discipline in the Army as very importance adding that it comes through training. He further said that SPLA was more discipline during struggle time.

This came days after the Korean Embassy wishes to meet the president and discuss more on military cooperation which would modernise the national army, SPLA.