By Steven Bol

The former Managing Director of Nilepet, Engineer Bol Ring Muorwel, was fired by President Kiir in October 2021 but the president gave no clear reason for firing Bol. There have been reports of nepotism and corruption practice led to the firing of Bol Ring who hails from the Greater Bhar El Ghazal region.

Eng. Bol has faced many criticisms ranging from corruption allegations to poor leadership within the last 13 months he has been in office but I believed that Bol Ring’s downfall can be attributed to his reshuffle of Nilepet secondees to JOCs.

When the Former MD did the reshuffle of Nilepet secondees to JOCs, that was an outcome of what he termed the fair reshuffling.

Out of the 37 new assignments in JOCs, 12 secondees, i.e. approximately (32.4%) come from Warrap and mainly from Mr. Bol’s background or family. In May, a reshuffle was halted because of fierce differences that emerged between the MD and Hon. Minister of Petroleum and grievances from oil-producing communities which of course led to the cancellation of that reshuffle.

We thought, Eng. Bol Ring Mourwel was going to re-examine this with some fairness and assign secondees from NilePet to the JOCs in a balanced approach however, what can be deduced from the list below, is that Eng. Bol Ring and Hon. Puot Kang settled their scores by allocating to their constituencies the lion’s share – a kind of win-win situation. This is corruption in its entirety.

It’s paradoxical to see that key staff and well-qualified employees from where oil wells are located were pushed to the periphery or taken back and grounded in NilePet. In this reshuffle, only one secondee from Ruweng and one from Melut were placed at key positions in the JOCs compared to 12 employees from Mr. Bol’s backyard.

Hon. Minister, whereas we claim our rightful share and representation in the oil sector, we also believe that rest of South Sudanese must also be represented in terms of providing equal employment opportunities for all. This reshuffle or secondment doesn’t represent the diversity of South Sudanese either in terms of regions, states, and tribes. As indicated in the table below, the secondees are from six (6) states only and three (3) Administrative Areas but also in a very disproportionate manner.


List of placed Secondees at JOCs (GPOC, DPOC and SPOC)

S/N Name Company State/AA Tribe
1.         Arop Bol Akot DPOC Warrap Dinka
2.         Achier John Madut DPOC Warrap Dinka
3.         Madit Them Arop DPOC Warrap Dinka
4.         Mary Amir Luach DPOC Warrap Dinka
5.         Dut Baak wol GPOC Warrap Dinka
6.         Jiel Micheal Jiel GPOC Warrap Dinka
7.         Aguek John Abuoch GPOC Warrap Dinka
8.         Mariak Martin Manyiel GPOC Warrap Dinka
9.         Mayar Mayar kuot GPOC Warrap Dinka
10.       Deng Ajang majok SPOC Warrap Dinka
11.       Matiok Santino akuei SPOC Warrap Dinka
12.       Samahan wal Nguot DPOC Upper Nile Nuer
13.       Gatbel Ruot DPOC Upper Nile Nuer
14.       Deng Kuek DPOC Upper Nile Dinka/Ageer
15.       Gathak Duol Chol DPOC Upper Nile Nuer
16.       Paul  Tethloach GPOC Upper Nile Nuer
17.       Dr. wigo pieny Gual GPOC Upper Nile Nuer
18.       James Gajak SPOC Upper Nile Nuer
19.       Tut Lieth Jiech SPOC Upper Nile Nuer
20.       Peter Reat DPOC Jonglei Nuer
21.       Ajaa Anyieth GPOC Jonglei Dinka
22.       Garwic Peter Gatkuoth SPOC Jonglei Nuer
23.       Mary James Gatluak SPOC Jonglei Nuer
24.       Benjamin Maker DPOC Lakes Dinka/Agar
25.       Benard amour Makeny SPOC Lakes Dinka
26.       Anyak Miangar Akok GPOC Ruweng AA Dinka
27.       Arop Deng Kuol DPOC Abyei AA Dinka
28.       Cyer Agoth DPOC Abyei AA Dinka/Ngok
29.       William Agada DPOC Pibor AA Anyuak
30.       Joseph Gama DPOC Eastern Equatoria Madi
31.       Michael Oduu GPOC Eastern Equatoria Lotuko
32.       Philip Mamuon GPOC Unity State Nuer
33.       Wol Thomson thoan GPOC Unity State Nuer
34.       Peter Gatgong SPOC Unity State Nuer
35.       Gatkuoth kun Dar SPOC Unity State Nuer
36.       John Juan Dong SPOC Unity State Nuer



Classification by states/Administrative Areas                       % share by State/Administrative Area

SN State/Administrative Area No. of Appointees JOC
1 Warrap 12 DPOC, GPOC & SPOC
2 Upper Nile 8 DPOC, GPOC & SPOC
 3 Unity 5 GPOC & SPOC
4 Lakes 2 DPOC & SPOC
5 Eastern Equatoria 2 DPOC & GPOC
6 Jonglei 3 DPOC, GPOC & SPOC
7 Central Equatoria 0 0
  8 Western Equatoria 0 0
9 Western Bahr el Ghazal 0 0
10 Northern Bahr el Ghazal 0 0
11 Ruweng AA 1 GPOC
12 Abyei AA 2 DPOC
13 Pibor AA 1 DPOC