President Salva Kiir has ordered all the constitutional post holders to immediately reduce the number of bodyguards that they are using to a minimum. The use of SPLA personnel has been prohibited effective immediately and police will be responsible for protection.
Addressing the press after the Council of Ministers meeting chaired by President Kiir, the Minister of Information Michael Makuei said all the constitutional post holders who are using SPLA solders as bodyguards have been asked to send the soldiers back to their units. The soldiers are to perform their duties other than providing protection to a government official.
“There was an order issued by the president to the governors, ministers, deputy ministers and commissioners to reduce the number of their bodyguards and that anybody with soldiers from the SPLA should handover these SPLA soldiers immediately and the police have been directed to provide the necessary protection to the constitutional post holders instead of us using the army for protection,” Makuei said.
He added that the maximum number of body guards that the constitutional post holders can move with are five for a minister, and a maximum of 30 for governors depending on the security situation in a given state. Deputy governors, the speakers and deputy speakers can have a maximum number of 10 bodyguards.
Makuei also said the Minister of Interior has repeated a strong warning to those selling fuel in the black market along the roads to refrain from it. He said the ultimatum that was given is almost ending and anyone found selling fuel in the black market afterwards will answer to the law.

Via The National Courier