South Sudan President Salva Kiir Mayardit this morning on Tuesday( 1st December 2020), has received a Peace Medal for the year 2020 from Global Peace without Borders Organization for his tireless efforts to bring Peace to the people of South Sudan and Sudan.

The Peace Medal was presented to President Salva Kiir Mayardit by Dr. Muhammad el-Arab from Peace without Borders Organization which is sponsored by Gulf Countries such as Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain.

The Award committee from the Gulf Countries awarded Kiir Mayardit as the man of Peace for the year 2020 due to his tremendous efforts to bring Peace and stability in South Sudan.
It is worth noting that Global Peace without Borders Organization awarded the Peace Prize for the year 2019 to the President of the State of Djibouti due to his contribution to the peace-making process and the tireless efforts to provide relief to the Yemeni people who live in the territory of Djibouti after their displacement by the war in Yemen, as well as the exceptional efforts of the President of Djibouti to consolidate peace in Somalia, Eritrea and Ethiopia, in addition to his humanitarian activities monitored by the organization.

Global Peace without Borders was created by Mohammed AlArab, a TV personality and journalist in Bahrain who has gathered together a network of journalists, politicians, artists, celebrities and government officials to work collectively for peace, regardless of nationality or religion.

They focus especially on the small and overlooked places, peoples and religions for full inclusion in the work for peace.