President Salva Kiir assured that there will be no more extension after the hundred-days of the pre-transitional period, says Lieutenant General Mohammad Hamdan Daglo, Deputy Head of Sudan Sovereign Council. 

He told the press in Juba on Monday that Sudanese military committee will monitor the implementation of the security mechanism and the training centres. 

“It is necessary that people should reach to a solution because during the hundred-days people will form the government on time”, says Hemeti. 

Our visit is to assess the roadmap on the first fifty days out of hundred and what to do according to the tripartite meeting outcome, he adds. 

Presidential Advisor on the Security Affairs, Tut Kew Gatluak, says the Sudan delegation is in the country to follow up the implementation of the peace accord extension and meeting with the signatories to the agreement. 

The new Sudanese security committee will look into shortages and challenges facing the pre-transitional period implementation process, he discloses. 

The delegation met with President Kiir and top government officials and will work during their two-day visit according to the Tripartite Summit convened by Uganda that led to extending the formation of the government from 12th November to 22nd February 2020.

The officials were speaking on Monday at the State House in Juba.