President Salva Kiir during the launch of South Sudan international gateway, urged the youth to concentrate on peace, loving one another and refrain from causing chaos in the country.
“Youth are being urged by pple on social media abroad to demonstrate against the government. Don’t they know that people can die in demonstrations? I will not order soldiers to shoot you, but we will not allow chaos”
He urged the youth to make good use of the technology instead of concentrating on violence.
“The youth should not be lured into fighting because of ranks, because of whatever, military ranks what are they? If you have not been there please concentrate on what we are launching today, this is where you will progress, in fighting you will never progress. You may get killed, if you are lucky to be wounded then you are lucky, but not everybody that gets a wound lives,” he added.

A week ago, South Sudanese youth on social media planned but failed to demonstrate in Juba over poor governance in the country.