President Salva Kiir has announced the New minsters of Transitional Govt of National Unity (TGNU)..
1-Minister of cabinet affair- Martin Lomoro.
2-Minister of defence -Koul Mayang
3-Minister of Foriegn Affair -Deng Alor
4-Minister of Interior- Alfred :ado Gore
5-Minister of Justice and consitutional affairs _ Paulino Wanawila
6-Minister in office of the president for national security-Maboto Mamor
7-Minsiter parliamentary affairs- Peter bashir Bandi
8-Minister of information broadcasting and Postal services- Micheal Makuai
9-Minieter of Federal Affairs – Richard K Mulla.
10- Minister office of the president Mayik Ayii
11 Minister of Finance & Economic palnning Deng Athorbi
12-Minister of petroluem Dak Bishop.
13- Minsiter of mining – Taban Deng.
14 -Minsiter of Health-Riek Gai.
15-Minister of Agriculture and Food security- Lam Akol
16-Minister of High Education- Peter Adwok…
17-Minister of Livestock and Fisheries- James Janda Duku..
18-Minsiter of Trade and Industry- Steven Dhieu
19-Minister of Energy and Dams- Dhieu matok
20-Minister of transport-John Luk
21-Minister of Roads and Bridges- Rebecca Jashua..
22-Minister Enviroment and Forestry Josphine Napon
23-Minstery of Land and Housing Mary Alphone.
24-Minsitry of Water resourecs and Irrigation- Mabour Garang De mabiour
24- Ministery of Wildlife conservation and Tourism- Jema Nunu..
26Minsitry of General Education-Deng Deng Hoth
27-Ministry of Labor and Public Services- Peter marcelo
28- Ministry of Gender, Child welfare- Awot Dend Achiul
29-Ministry of Culture Youth nad Sports- Nadia Dodi
30 -Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs – Hussian Mar