A CID officer in Gok State, Matur Moses Machar said that the circumstances and reasons that led the victim to hang herself to death are not known but will be revealed soon after the investigations are done.

Matur said the Police authority is still working to bring the family members for questioning.

“The issue of age will be considered during our investigation with family members since there are a number of cases related to forced marriages and early marriages taking place in the community, which is conducted without the girl’s consent,” said Matur.

One of the family members of the deceased who spoke to Gurtong said the husband of the late has been away for nearly a year.

“We are really shocked by the untimely death of our daughter Nyanjur Rup on Sunday without letting us know the reason or problems so that we as the family members can act to resolve it.”

According to the family member, the deceased had attempted to commit suicide before but was rescued by family members.