A 38 yrs old Mr. Sunday Chot Rik aka Changkuoth Chot Rik aka Jack as he is known on his multiple Facebook accounts, is a Ministry of Foreign Affairs attache to the office of the president as a member of the protocol. He has had numerous assault cases opened against him but no arrest have ever been executed, though all the legal procedures were followed, Mr Sunday has an itchy palm for battering women, he’s now married for the fourth time, after first two wife’s left him he wedded his  workmate from the ministry of foreign affairs  (Rita Chol) and relocated her to Kampala Uganda where he rendered her a housewife for five years. When the wife asked to come back to work he threatened the wife and accused her of being influenced by her family ( Mum and younger brother).

While the wife was away he started an affair with  Clara Simon, a new workmate at the office, who is currently pregnant with his child and whom he assaulted a number of times while pregnant. Clara reported him and threatened to leave him but later changed her mind, Mr Sunday arranged to wed his new catch without the knowledge the wife.

After the wife resumed her job despite his objection, he moved his side chic to the same hotel he and the wife were putting up in, when she discovered what was going on and decided to return home to her mother he sprung to his best tactics, beating he and holding an unregistered gun to her head threatening to shoot her, security personnel at the hotel disarmed him but let him go. The wife packed and went to her relatives, but he was not done with her yet, he got another gun and started stalking her and harassing her younger sister and cousins at a gun point, when the brother-in-law confronted him to discuss the matter he assaulted him with the help of his brother and some friends leaving the in-law unconscious at Karen hotel,

The wife and her brother opened an assault case and delivered the arrest warrant to Sunday office head of security but nothing was done so she decided to go to Kampala and move her children to her mother who is in Nairobi. While she was boarding the plane the airline flight attendant presented her with a letter written and sign by Sunday barring from traveling to Uganda and claiming she was a rebel working for SPLM/A IO, and alleging the order was from the Office of the President, Sunday who was still at the airport at the time was in trouble with MI officers for carrying an unregistered gun, so she was allowed on the plane.

He later made some few phone calls and he was scot-free, the wife went and returned safely but Sunday has been harassing her on phone and physically assaulting her whenever they meet ever since while the case reminds open and nothing is being done by the authorities involved.