The Taskforce formed by president Kiir on 20th March is leading the South Sudan’s fight against the Coronavirus pandemic. Recently, the committee has added the membership from University of Juba, a move which has made the musicians to also demand being part of the Taskforce.

MC Lumoex argues that for musicians to have a representative seating in the committee will help in creating awareness to the public through songs by musicians. “Ministry of Health, WHO and government especially Taskforce on COVID-19 should consider working with the artists as we create more awareness.

Out of love for our people more corona virus songs have now been produced,” the singer said. The singer who was speaking at his house in Munuki said he doesn’t go out due to lockdown. “I hope we are not asking for much having artist representation on this board would create a connection with arts community who would design the easiest artistic methodology to reach out to all,” he said. He said it’s a duty of every citizen to fight the virus so that people can resume their normal lives.

The singer who hosts a weekly comedy show, Kilkilu Ana Comedy Extra at Nyakuron Cultural Centre said the outbreak of Coronavirus has affected him and all musicians in the country financially. “We musicians depend of concerts on weekends to make a living. But now the government has banned all the public events and music concerts,” he said.

While acknowledging the government’s move was done to curb the spread of the deadly, he said the government should have come up with a plan to support musicians. He pointed out a particular case where the government of neighbouring Kenya recently released over $10 million for musicians and entertainers to support their families as they no longer stage music concerts to earn living.

South Sudan confirmed its first case of Coronavirus on April 5, and so far, a total of 4 cases have been recorded in the country. The government has imposed 8pm to 6am curfew as it tries to stop the spread of the disease. International and local flights in the country have also been banned.