Sweet life president Cool B, famous of hit song ‘Mara ta Zol’ is allegedly having a sexual affair with Nancy Benjamin Ajango the wife to Steve Stephen Dhieu, son to Minister of Petroleum Stephen Dhieu according to anonymous source.

According to Facebook screenshots of conversation between Cool B & Nancy obtained by Hot in Juba, Nancy is seen regretting meeting Steve, her husband before Cool B & asking Cool B to talk to his wife Jackie to stop snitching on them to Steve, where Cool B blantly replies “Jackie is talking to Steve maybe she want to have sex with him as we did (sex)” (check photos).

In another series of conversation screenshots between Nancy and Jackie (Cool B’s wife), Jackie threatened to have sex with Steve (Nancy’s husband) and Nancy replied “its fine go ahead ..no problem Cool B use to go Fuck his real wife but at the end of the day u also open u leg to him… nothing new”. While Jackie replied that she can even fuck the whole Nancy’s family ( idk how the fuck Jackie will do that).

A 21 years old Nancy with alias name, Nane Benjamen ( Dràmà Quèèn Ñb) on Facebook got married late last year to a 23 year old Steve Dhieu Dau shortly after she got pregnant. They had a lavish traditional wedding held in Juba where various dignitaries were on the invitation list, Nancy is currently in Egypt.

Cool B known of having dysfunctional relationships with his three “wives”, Jackie (singer), Vivian & Becky, is reportedly a father to three kids. He is rumored to have had affairs with Bahkita, a model and Grace Nyibol, a singer.

Check out the screenshots between Cool B and Nancy



Separate ScreenShot between Nancy and Jackie